Estimate your software house’s projects in 5 minutes

Save time & money and increase your sales of your software house thanks to Apropo.

What you win

Time save

Don’t spend hours on the estimate, create a complete proposal in less than an hour.

Money save

Let your developers do a billable work instead of estimates.

Higher sales

Provide the proposal quicker and put your company on pole position in the eyes of the client.

Happy developers

Let the coders focus on coding.

Precise estimates

Precise estimates taking the skill of the developer into account.

Peaceful sleep

Sleep more & better thanks to less problems in the projects.


For whom?

Are you struggling to give a quote basing on 2-lines brief? This tool is definitely for you!

  • Software houses
  • Creative agencies
  • UX / UI Design companies and freelancers

How it works

  • Create a project - Go to our Trello-like dashboard and add a project
  • Fill in the info - Fill in the basic information, such as title, description and ingredients of the project (iOS, Android, Web, API, QA, etc.)
  • Choose the app template - Choose the application type from the existing templates or create your own
  • Select the complexity level - Choose from MVP, Standard and Full
  • Get the estimate - Let Apropo estimate the project basing on the chosen parameters
  • Create the proposal - Export the estimate and create the proposal

About Us


Working in software development companies and seeing how much pain can a single estimate of IT project create, we decided to create Apropo and make the world a friendlier place for software companies owners, salesmen and developers. Apropo is a tool on a mission to reduce the time & resources engagement required to provide a precise and detailed proposal for designing and developing a custom application and software.


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